The Pendleton Panther

Hot, Hot, Hot !

Posted on: May 11, 2010

Lately it has been super hot here at IMG. I feel like everyday I’m in like Africa. After practice I feel like I just took a shower, it’s hard to find energy in this type of heat.  Drinking a good amount of water everyday helps avoid dehydration but sometimes standing out in that heat just makes you want to sit down and pray for a long lasting breeze.  I should not be complaining though I prefer the heat over the cold front that was passing through just a couple months ago. Word to the wise for all athletes the best way to prepare for this heat is mentally. Plus on the Brightside sweating a lot helps burn calories that would turn into fat otherwise. I guess all there really is to do is embrace the heat.  Like I said, I rather the heat then the cold. The cold was not fun to play in, frost bit much?


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