The Pendleton Panther

Senior Profiles: Allie Weng

Posted on: May 10, 2010

Allie Weng was born in Taiwan on the 10th of June of 1991. She came to the academy in August of 2009, to take part in the golf program and The Pendleton School. When she was 10 years old she had a major injury in her leg, and she had to get a nail in her knee so that she could walk well. This prevented her from doing sports until the age of 15, when she started playing golf, and fell in love with it.  She claims her specialty are the irons. Outside of golf, she is proud that she can speak chinese, loves to listen to music, watch movies, and most of all… eat sushi; she can’t miss a Friday without eating it.
Anyone that knows Allie knows how nice she is and that she has a really funny sense of humor, and always a smile on her face, except in AP Calculus (I think she’s scared of Mrs. Soshnikova). Her signing for the University of Nevada Reno with an athletic scholarship is the proof that she had a successful senior year at IMG, and I’m sure she’ll keep it up in the silver state.


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