The Pendleton Panther

Redsox Gaining Momentum

Posted on: May 6, 2010

The Boston Redsox started out their season against the New York Yankees.  In a close game, the Redsox came out on top starting their season 1-0.  But this early win was one of their only good games played in the first couple weeks of the season.  The Redsox then fell behind all of the American League East teams except the Orioles, who are currently 14 games behind the Yankees.  But things are starting to turn around for the Sox.  They have won three games in a row and have started to gain some momentum.  Following John Lackey’s gem against his former team, the Redsox have to opportunity to sweep the season against the Angles, and go for four wins in a row.  Dice K will be on the bump for tonight, and his gyro-ball should shut the door on the series.They will need some more momentum for the Yankees are coming to town once this series is over, and it will be a great opportunity to gain back some games on the Yankees.


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