The Pendleton Panther

Ex-New York Giant Charged

Posted on: May 6, 2010

Earlier this morning, a sad story hit the news room, and Ex-New York Giant Lawrence Taylor is in quite the jam.  He was arrested and charged with the rape of a sixteen year old girl, who happened to be a runaway.  Before anyone comes to any conclusions, we must let the court decide the facts and the validity of them, but it certainly doesn’t look good for Lawrence Taylor.  The NFL Hall of Famer apparently waited in is hotel room as a pimp took her to the hotel.  The girl was struck when she refused to go in to the room with Taylor, but, when hit again, she went into the hotel room and had sex with him.  As of now, Taylor is denying all charges, and a bail was posted at 75,000$.  Taylor was just recently bailed out of jail.  Taylor’s attorney claims that he did not have any sort of sex with the girl, and was calm during the first arraignment.  He is due back in court on June 10th.


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