The Pendleton Panther

Effects on “Big Stars”

Posted on: May 6, 2010

As we all know, there was a huge flash flood in Middle Tennessee, affecting the lives of everyone there.  Over 13.5 million dollars in damage was done.  Another big story is the effect this flood on big country stars.  As most of you know, a lot of country’s big stars live in Middle Tennessee as Nashville, is the “home” of country. A lot of these stars have sadly, lost a lot of their equipment and almost everything in his house. Kenny Chesney was seen leaving his home with in a boat, with a couple of bags, and two guitars.  Also, Toby Keith lost all of his touring equipment, which will be a huge deficit to him.  Brad Paisley, lost all of his equipment except for his lighting devices, which he luckily had stored else where. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill who are married big time stars, have lost almost everything that they own.  There will be a bunch of telethon’s done both locally, and nationally for those not as fortunate as the country stars who will easily be able to replace all of which they lost.


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