The Pendleton Panther

Prime Minister Election Tomorrow!

Posted on: May 5, 2010

David Cameron

Many people in England are ready to vote tomorrow as the election for our next Prime Minister is held throughout the day.  Gordon Brown, David Cameron, and Nick Clegg are all anxiously awaiting to see which one of them will become the next Prime Minister.  Currently David Cameron, the Tory leader is ahead whilst Gordon Brown (Labour) is narrowly above Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrats).  From the latest polls it shows 37% for the Tories, 28% for Labour, and 27% for the Liberal Democrats.  The polls open in the morning and close at night.  After the votes have been tallied up, the new British Prime Minister will drive up to number 10 Downing Street as the newly elected Prime Minister always does.  Many of the big problems faced in England have been talked about over the last few months leading up to the general election.  Hopefully the next Prime Minister will be able to deal with the big problems England face!


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