The Pendleton Panther

New Cell Phone Policy

Posted on: May 4, 2010

One morning I woke up went to school and there was a note on the board reading that we are not allowed to have our cell phones during a test.  Apparently some students (to the attention of Mr. Schwager) have been texting during tests which have different forms in conclusion it would be easier for students to cheat on exams or quiz’s.  I have heard mixed opinions about the rule, I do not think it is a bad idea however it really seems odd to give your teacher your cell phone.  I am not sure wether its a sense of privacy issue or I just don’t like not having it.  This rule will most likely cut-down cheating within the school.   I honestly hope that this rule stops it right away.  Although I wish we were able to just put our phones on our desk (powered off) and the teacher can see them.  Hopefully this rule can help stop cheating at the Pendleton School.


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