The Pendleton Panther

Oil Spill

Posted on: May 3, 2010

Being in Florida, most of the campus has heard of the oil spill that is coming to ruin our beaches. This is such a sad thought, we all know it is coming and we have no control of it either. I think I rather it just hit then to know about it ahead of time. Feel like I am on a timer how much beach I can get before it is all gone. This spill is going to change the lifestyles of so many. Most of Florida profits off on tourism. Tourist come for the beach, no beach, less people, equaling less money coming in. Not only that but all of the toxins in the most valuable reason on our planet water. Plus the amount of oil that is being wasted, we need every once we can get! But the most important aspect, is the animals that are going to die. Either from the toxic oil, homes being destroyed, or the lack of food. All of it is such a sad matter, and I hope that we can do our best to clean up the situation. News is saying it is going to take a year for this disaster to be cleaned off our beaches. The spill is suppose  to hit the panhandle on Tuesday of this week. It is a sad matter and hope that we can solve this problem.


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