The Pendleton Panther

Do what you can!

Posted on: May 3, 2010

Being a teenager we all have faced the parents and the little word that ruins our world “NO!”. And response ” But Please Dad!” We try anything in the book, begging, yelling and even the puppy face. Do whatever we can to get to do what we want. Recently I have learned that honestly it is not about them saying “yes” it is about change. If a teenager can win a battle with a parent it is like winning the lottery. But the best way to win is just to accept the ” NO!”. It saves your knees, voice and the face. When someone is determined all you can do is accept their view and move on. On a larger scale, when the world is made up on a idea such as a war. You have no control over that and can only accept the motion. Only change what you can. You can’t change what doesn’t want to change or being determined. So you accept it and change will come more easily later. To relate it back, when we don’t fight with your parents they respect that and might allow you to do what you want the following night. Not the end of the world. Just accept the determined and change what you can for example our response to our parents.

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