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Post-Grad Baseball Players Moving Forward in Life

Posted on: May 2, 2010

IMG Baseball

A post-grad baseball player has the ideal life; a life that anyone would ask for. They wake up every morning around 11am, head down to the cafeteria to get lunch and make their way out to the field around 1.30pm for practice. Their day concludes with an evening lifting session or for many, University of Miami classes. This is an exciting time for many post-grads as they begin to make their college decisions and take the next step forward in their future. All the post-grads I have spoken to believe they have greatly developed their skills as a ballplayer at IMG but are anxiously waiting to move on to their next challenge in life. This year we had a very talented post-grad class compared to years past. Heading the list include players such as; Mac Gardon, Carlos Mateos, Joe Sullivan, Matt Turton, Angel Garcia and the well-known Connor McCarthy. Mac Gardon is originally from Wisconsin and will attend Xavier University. Mateos will be attending Lynn, which is only a few hours from Bradenton. Joe Sullivan will be staying at home in Philadelphia attending LaSalle College. Matt Turton, originally from Arizona, will stay out west and attend Seattle University. Angel Garcia on the other hand, will stay in Florida and attend Nova Southeastern. Connor McCarthy is the most talented out of all the post-grads as he has been here at IMG for nearly three years now. McCarthy is still undecided about were he will be playing next year but many people here at IMG feel it will only be a matter of time before he hears his name called on draft day. McCarthy is 6’3 200 pounds and has grown to become the ballplayer so many scouts and coaches love. It has been a long year for many of these post-grads but their hard work has finally paid off and the next step on the journey is about to begin.


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