The Pendleton Panther

Double Down Gets Two Thumbs Down

Posted on: April 30, 2010

The new KFC Double Down, a sandwich that has chicken cutlets replaced for the bread, looks better then it tastes.  In commercials, it looks quite interesting.  The two chicken breasts in place for the bread, and then lettuce, tomatoes, and other condiments that go on any other sandwich.  The cost is reasonable, at a solid five dollars and fifty cents, but apparently is still not worth it.  People say the chicken is dry, and it falls apart way too easily.  If I’m going to go to KFC in the future, I will probably try the new double down just because I never had before.  Mine will most likely be asked for with bacon and provolone cheese on it, maybe it will taste better that way.  In conclusion, KFC says that they have lost money with this double down, and hope to get all of the hype back by bettering their recipe.


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