The Pendleton Panther

“Can’t it Just be the Weekend Already?”

Posted on: April 28, 2010

Everyone has heard this, parents, teachers and don’t lie you have even said it ” Can’t it Just be the Weekend Already?”.  We all dream of the weekend were movies are endless, sleeping is either abundant or lack there of, and no schedule. I know when I get to school on Monday, I am already making plans for the next weekend. From there, the week just kinda of goes. But then we actually get to the weekend, it is too short. Two days to catch up on sleep, homework maybe, and see those friends. I think that we should have three day weekends, we know we all need it. People who work can get there more things done, students would be less tired in class, and we can focus on sport a little more having that extra day. Either way, we all dream of those loving weekends. Too much fun happens on the weekends.


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