The Pendleton Panther

Arizona Signs Bill with Controversy

Posted on: April 28, 2010

Protesters against the new law.

The state of Arizona recently signed into effect Senate Bill 1070 amid a major wave of controversy. The bill in itself which was drafted by Senator Russell Pearce and signed by Governor Jan Brewer allows local law enforcement officials to have the option to stop and question individuals who they feel may be illegal immigrants. Those individuals who are stopped will be questioned on their status and asked to show proof or documentation that show they are indeed citizens or legal immigrants. If they aren’t legal, they will be detained and sent over to the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Department. The immense criticism stems mainly from the Latino American crowd who call this unjust and a form of racial profiling. However, the cases of illegal immigration are an issue we cannot avoid anymore and it is inevitable that someone had to take the first step. There have also been immense cases of violence along the borders and this law is also set to aid in the reduction of such cases. I feel it is a little harsh to label this as racial profiling. According to CNN, “Police may not solely consider race, color or national origin when stopping and interviewing an individual to determine his or her immigration status.” This new law has many pros and cons and has sparked various national debates over the ethics of it. I feel this law can only enforce the immigration policy to a certain extent. The only effective way to curb illegal immigration is for the government to build and effective border fence that blocks off our southern border.

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