The Pendleton Panther

Rough Flight back to Florida

Posted on: April 27, 2010

Last weekend I went back home to New Mexico to visit friends and family.  Little did I know that the ride back was going to be so adventurous!  We left my house in New Mexico around 10 a.m for an 11 a.m flight.  We then flew to Atlanta (doesn’t seem very interesting yet) and everything seemed to plan, an hour and a half lay over, went got some food then headed to the gate.  The flight was scheduled to leave around 8:30 and the attendants kept delaying the boarding exactly sevens minutes for security purposes.  Finally, around 8:50 we got into the air, and the pilot stated that it might get bumpy.  Im used to flying so I was not really concerned for the turbulence.  Soon enough, the plane started to dip, and dive around with the wind. The pilot then mentioned that we are in a “holding pattern” which means we fly around in circles until the weather calms down.  An hour and a half later, he said were going to fly to sarasota because it was to dangerous for us to land in Tampa, right when we were about to land in SRQ the pilot stated that the weather was clear in Tampa so we flew back and landed safely.  I was supposed to be home around ten, but got home around two a.m.

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