The Pendleton Panther

Well Mr. Woods, Now We Can Focus on Golf

Posted on: April 24, 2010

The Man Himself

In his most recent blog, Tiger Woods stressed how “great it is to be back.” He also went on to say that he is back in the swing of things and is eager to go out and compete in many upcoming tournaments. A few weeks ago, after the Masters concluded, Woods was seen spending quality time with his family. However, no reports have mentioned it, but I highly doubt his wife was a part of “quality time.” Returning to the Masters was Wood’s first time playing competitive golf in nearly five months. Nevertheless, Woods’s finished nearly at the top of the leader board placing 4th on the final day. Phil Mickelson ended up taking home the green jacket but after all that he and his wife, who is battling breast cancer, have been through in the past year, it is good to see Phil and Amy leave with a smile on their faces. Regarding Woods, after all the critcism he has taken in the past few months, it had to have been a great weight off his shoulders just to step on the green and play the game he has enjoyed and loved his whole life.


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