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Thank You Governor Rendell, It’s About Time…

Posted on: April 24, 2010

Governor Rendell

New Jersey, New York, and many other states in the tri-state area have begun to make drastic cuts in education programs and staff. Well, surprisingly enough, Philadelphia is going in the opposite direction. Governor Rendell wants to increase funding for the PA school system by nearly $355 million this year and only increase that number as the years go on. With the murder rate being the highest it’s ever been in PA, it is finally time to hear some good news coming out of the government’s office. Rendell stopped by several schools in the Philadelphia area with hopes of rallying support for his 6.4 percent increase in education funding, “I believe with all my heart and soul that it is our moral obligation to provide an education system that will allow each and every child to reach his or her potential.” The governor is hoping that the state will have enough money to fund the budget without new revenues. I certainly hope Rendell has a plan for the Philadelphia school system as their records in the past few years haven’t been up to the highest standards. Then again, there is nothing that Philadelphia can’t handle.


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