The Pendleton Panther

Third of Americans Support Soda Tax

Posted on: April 21, 2010


Are Americans ready for a tax on sodas to fight obesity?  That is one of the current questions floating around that could help with the obesity problem in the United States.  Some public health advocates say it’s time for bold new steps to cut down on the foods and drinks contributing to calorie overload.  Taxing sugary beverages and fatty junk food has been getting a ton of attention lately in policy circles.  Many people are convinced that this idea would help with the problem.  Their reasoning is because studies show that hiking taxes on cigarettes has helped cut smoking rates.  Its a similar scenario.  The only question left is would American support taxing these items?  Well just over half — 51 percent — of more than 3,000 people surveyed either strongly opposed or opposed taxes on carbonated, sugary soft drinks. But, 33 percent of those surveyed favor such a tax; 22 percent strongly so. The rest — 16 percent — had no opinion.  There was less support for taxes on snack foods: 27 percent in favor and 54 percent against. Similarly, 28 percent of those surveyed supported a tax on fast food and 53 percent were against the idea.


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