The Pendleton Panther

The Theory of 2012

Posted on: April 21, 2010

Between the movies and the news we all have been in the conspiracy of 2012. There are many theories any where from the world is going to end to the world is going to change greatly and will never be the same. The big question is do you believe in it? My personal thought on it is that the world is changing daily. With  the three major disasters in last two months, it is hard to miss that Earth isn’t happy. Other then Mother Nature, I know the Indian Calendar runs out on the first day of 2012. People look at this as they stopped counting or we are really in for it. But this all unknown, what I do know is that December of 2011 the crime rate and selling of liquor is going to rise. Believing in it or not, the people who do are going to hog wild. So do you believe in it or not ?


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