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Milk in China Causes Food Poisoning in Schools

Posted on: April 21, 2010

Milk In a Chinese Supermarket

On Monday April 19th, 200 school children from the Shaanxi province checked into the hospital with similar symptoms, including stomach aches and vomiting. 27 are still hospitalized with still severe pains, 20 of them are being treated with intravenous drips. After serious investigations, Chinese health officials found an excessive amount of bacteria in milk distributed to schools in Northwest China. The milk contained a large amount of E.coli (a type of bacteria) and other harmful bacteria. Laboratory analysis show that the milk contained a bacterium density of 16400 per gram of milk, while the safe limit was 10. The company that was distributing the milk to the schools in the country is temporarily closed for further inspection. The children, who are the victims of this, will not be getting any milk for a few weeks. Authorities believe that there had been a lack of hygiene in the sterilization process, they warned to other food companies that they will be checking more closely with the production process of foods since similar cases have happened a few times already this year.


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