The Pendleton Panther

Senior Profile: Lacey Brooks

Posted on: April 21, 2010

One of the veterans of IMG and the Pendleton Academy, Lacey Brooks was born here in Bradenton, Florida and has been apart of this program for nearly four years. Lacey has two older brothers, both of which attended Pendleton, and one older sister as well. Her father, Chip Brooks, is the tennis director here at the academy. Lacey finishes school at 12:30 pm everyday being as though she doesn’t play a sport at IMG, she enjoys spending time at the beach, playing tennis and helping out her local church group.

Lacey is very religious and I myself often attend church with her on the weekend. She was brought up among a family that was involved in the church and as a result it has turned her into one of the most positive, thoughtful and respectful girls I have ever met. Even more so what separates Lacey from the rest of the crowd is that she always has an answer to what may seem impossible to others and strives to be the best at what ever she does. Rarely have I heard the word “no” come out of her mouth or anything that has a negative feeling or vibe. Often she is spotted around campus in multi-colored outfits and she always seems to have smile on her face.

Lacey will be attending East Tennessee State in the fall, but will always have Bradenton in her heart. After she finishes up in Nashville, her dream is being a Forensic Physiologist. Once Lacey graduates, Pendleton will loose a magnificent student and person. However, her time has come to move on and it is now the world’s turn to enjoy the uniqueness that Lacey Brooks has to offer.


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