The Pendleton Panther

Google Under Government Pressure to Censor

Posted on: April 21, 2010

China has become notorious for its heavy censoring of internet services such as Google, but they aren’t the only ones that are pushing for silence.  While the exact number of requests for user information or limitation is regarded as a state secret by China, the majority of the rest of the world is complaint to have theirs listed–at least for now.  Since its creation, Google has received thousands of such requests, the the U.S. weighing in at 3,580 cease and desist orders.  The United States government has done so on such grounds as declaring some content to be hate speech, impersonation, or alleged defamation.  Google has been more or less cooperative with government censors as 80 percent of the 123 requests from the U.S. from the last half of 2009 were carried out.  However, while not refusing to comply outright, Google has published these numbers to raise awareness that censorship doesn’t only happen in China.


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