The Pendleton Panther

$100 Bill Gets a Makeover

Posted on: April 21, 2010

There are currently about 6.5 billion $100 bills in circulation in the United States.  Of these 6.5 billion bills, two thirds are in the pockets and wallets of foreigners.  Alien counterfeiters often target the $100 banknote because it yields an impressive profit for just a few successful scams, and it relatively easy to reproduce–that is until February 2011.  The new design for a counterfeit resistant $100 bill was unveiled on Wednesday, and is set to go into circulation early next year.  The new note will include three dimensional graphics printed on a blue ribbon that winds around the bill.  Depending on what angle the bill is viewed from, the graphics change between bells and “100”s.  The most attractive thing about the new design, however, is that all security measures can be checked by nothing more than the naked eye; no special lights required.  With so many currency counterfeiters situated outside of the U.S., this change could potentially affect the world economy at large.


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