The Pendleton Panther

Death Toll Rises in China

Posted on: April 19, 2010


Last week China experienced a 6.9-magnitude earthquake and the death tolls have been recorded at 2,039 people. Another 195 people are still missing and nearly 12,135 people were injured. Rescuers have been working night and day non-stop trying to find survivors and save as many lives as they can. Nearly 15,000 homes toppled and roughly 100,000 people fled the area. The place that experienced the most damage, Qinghai, is home to about 5 million people and is home to nearly 40 ethnic groups. The death toll continues to rise everyday and the number is increasing rapidly. Chinese soldiers are doing all they can to clear the rubble from the area, but no one can help the damage that is done. Our hearts go out to those in China and wish them the best of luck in the recovery. The buildings can be replaced but all of those who have lost their lives cannot and it is truly a shame. I am sure the U.S. will offer help and financial aid soon if they have not already.

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