The Pendleton Panther

Thriller at Busch

Posted on: April 18, 2010

As I watched the Cardinals play the Mets, I just thought it was a normal tight scoring game but little did I know that it would take 6.5 hours!   The Cardinals controlled the majority of the game.  The birds had the bases loaded on several different occasions. But the Mets would not give up and fought it out, with amazing plays, timely pitching, and stellar composure.  No one realized this game would be so excited after each club went through several pitchers, both clubs ran out.  Soon enough after the 14th inning they had to start position players to pitch! Generally you do no see that unless one team is down by a lot and they let a position player throw an inning or two.  Innings later, the Mets get on the board with a sacrifice fly in the top of the 20th!  The Cardinals did not give up,

Albert Pujols (avoided mostly during extra innings) was finally pitched to and he delivered with a double to left-center field.  Then he advanced to third base with a ground ball to the right side.  The next hitter Yadier Molina hits a line drive single to tie the game in the bottom of the 20th!  The Rockies did not back down, they strung together a couple of hits mixed with a sacrifice fly gives them the game winning run! Rockies win in 20!


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