The Pendleton Panther

State Cup

Posted on: April 15, 2010

Spring Break started and the women’s soccer team went for a road trip to Palm Bay. State Cup was intense, with two games on Saturday and one on Sunday. But we come out on top with the first place win. From here we skip a round of the tournament and go to third round in the middle of May. It was extremely exciting to place so well. But during our last game, we lost one of our players. Ambulance,you know the whole nine yards, it was pretty intense. Later to find out, she had major pain in her back. With the win of the first round of State Cup it was a great way to start spring break. Although it was hard to loose a player. Now coming back from spring break, we are training harder then we ever have. Not knowing what to expect in the next round. Interesting to see what happens.

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