The Pendleton Panther

The Plutonium Problem

Posted on: April 13, 2010

Obama talks nukes with the Prime Minister of India.

President Obama held a press conference Tuesday involving an exceptional gathering of world leaders to discuss the future of nuclear power and weaponry.  At first, it would appear that the meetings are just more collaborations to enact and enforce sanctions, but upon closer inspection, it is revealed that Obama intends to allow nuclear technology to prosper.  The efforts, however, are, at best, occasionally contradictory.  Unfortunately, the materials that allow civilians to generate their own power are the same that terrorist organizations could use against civilization.  Enriched uranium and separated plutonium are key ingredients in both nuclear power plants and warheads.  The balance between the risks and the benefit is scarcely agreed upon, as France urges Obama not to support restrictions on the production and distribution of separated plutonium as doing such would prove disastrous to their power grid.  The focus of nuclear nonproliferation seems to have shifted from securing these materials rather than banning them.


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