The Pendleton Panther

Spring Break

Posted on: March 25, 2010

Finally is all I can say. It has been a rough last couple weeks but its all over for two weeks. I can forget everything that I had learned aka be a vegetable on the beach. The only math that will be done is how many hours I took a nap. I am happy that the break is two weeks. One week is going to be training and the other week chilling with people. Pretty sure that the students aren’t the only ones ready for this break. The teachers are ready to catch up on some work. Most kids are going home, except the baseball players which is craziness. Some teachers even assigned homework over the break which I promise will be procrastinated till the Sunday  before the Monday we go back. Finally, where chilling can be allowed, no math to be done, and everyone except the baseball players go home mostly.


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