The Pendleton Panther

IPhone or BlackBerry?

Posted on: March 25, 2010

Phones, Phones, Phones. They are apart of our daily lives, use them all the time. But recently I had gotten in an argument over which was better IPhone or BlackBerry. This can be debated to no end, but honestly think about is there any other phones out there that can even match up to these products. You have the IPhone which is app and music crazy and then you have the BlackBerry with all of it’s menus and business theme. My personal opinion on it, is the IPhone all the way. I have owned both and the IPhone just has it. But in my case, I have a Macbook and also love music. With the Macbook it makes it so easy to use and to its maximum. But this is up to you, what do you need your phone for? Business or for the love of music and apps. In the end, there are no two phones that compare.


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