The Pendleton Panther

Kenyan Police Lose Terror Suspect

Posted on: March 24, 2010

Hussein Hashi Farah was in Kenyan custody on allegations of involvement in a terror attempt on Australia; the operative word being “was”.  The prisoner was released from his incarceration in what at first appears to be a simple–but costly–mistake.  Eric Kiraithehe, a spokesman for the Kenyan police force had this to say: “I think there was an oversight – he was handed over to the ordinary duty policemen and they were not given the full information.”  The policeman that released Farah claims that he honestly believed that he was another illegal immigrant who would be dealt with by another department the next day  However, the release of this dangerous suspect may not be just a simple case of mistaken identity.  Three Kenyan policeman and two businessmen have been placed under arrest on suspicion of bribery.  The Australian Broadcaster ABC has apparently heard rumors that would suggest such.  Whether accidentally or deliberately, Hussein Hashi Farah has been freed, and so commenced the hunt to recapture him.


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