The Pendleton Panther

A Life of Amends

Posted on: March 22, 2010

Tiger Woods

Oh Tiger, a man who had it all. He had the perfect life, he was winning, making bank and was considered by many the greatest golfer ever. Things couldn’t get any better for big old Tiger. Woods is now coming forth for his first interviews since the November crash. He told reporters Sunday that he is beginning to “live a life of amends,” as opposed to “living a life of a lie.” Woods went on to mention that the lowest point in his life was when he had to convey to his wife and mother his troubles and all the affairs he had; “Those are the two people in my life who I’m closest to, and to say the things that I’ve done, truthfully to them, is … honestly … was … very painful.” Tiger is living with more regret than many and admits to it constantly eating away at him. Aside from disappointing his wife and mother, he knows he has caused the late Earl Woods much disappointment as well. Over the past few weeks Woods has begun to focus more on golf as he is preparing for the Masters, which begins next month. Anyone can see that Woods made a mistake but I hope everyone everywhere can find a little spot in their heart to clap for him after a long drive, or a birdie on the 18th. Each of us can do what we can to contribute a little hope to Woods. Just imagine what he must be feeling inside.

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