The Pendleton Panther

Gunned Down in P-Town

Posted on: March 18, 2010

On March 5, 2008 in Providence, RI, Jennifer Duarte was shot a total of nine times before being pronounced dead on the scene.  According to doctors examinations, she was shot 5 times from a distance in the back, and then four more times in the front of the head.  The doctor said that the gun that shot her in the head was less than a foot away.  The doctor, Dr. Chirkov testified in the trial of Deaven Tucker, the murder suspect.   Tucher is facing a murder charge, along with an armed bank robbery or $50,000 from a Providence Sovereign bank and several other charges.  Manny Ruiz also testified against tucker last week saying that he drove the two and dropped them off to talk for a little while.  He then saw Tucker shoot her from behind multiple times before leaning over her and shooting more.  This is a very sad story, and a friend of mine knew the victim before she passed away.  It is important that we cherish life because it can end in an instant.

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