The Pendleton Panther

Taliban Loses Seven in Latest U.S. Drone Attack

Posted on: March 17, 2010

At least seven Taliban deaths were confirmed on Wednesday in a bombing involving two U.S. unmanned aerial vehicles.  The seven insurgents were hunkered down in a Taliban military base located in northern Pakistan.  These drone attacks are part of a growing trend of UAV utilization by the U.S. military as their use has increased by 47% since Obama’s inauguration.  The terrorist stronghold was located in the Waziristan region of Pakistan, usually home to the nomadic tribes that call the province home.  It is unknown at this time the ranks of the seven casualties.  Air strikes are very unpopular with the Pakistani as it is believed that dropping bombs and shooting missiles causes more collateral damage than ground based assaults.  The truth is, however, that stray bullets go much farther than the blast radii of any of these surgical strikes.   Pakistani government has denounced cooperation with these aerial attacks to its public, but has recently been obliging in coordinating these strikes.


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