The Pendleton Panther

AT&T the Vampire Slayer

Posted on: March 17, 2010

Power plants are under more stress than ever to provide the world with electricity.  A good portion of the power distributed goes towards a productive end, but as much as 20 percent of power used ends up doing nothing at all.  So where does this energy go?  Certain appliances and electronics, dubbed “vampires,” slowly sap power even when not in use.  Chief among these energy hogs is the cellphone charger.  Even when the phone is charged, even when the phone is off, and even when the phone is disconnected, cellphone chargers still draw current.  AT&T, however, has decided to do something about it.  The new AT&T ZERO charger shuts down completely when not in use, meaning no vampire suck and no teeth marks in your electricity bill.  The ZERO is compatible with all AT&T smart-phones as well as the iPhone or any other USB charged devices.  Selling at about 15 or 20 dollars, the ZERO costs about as much as a regular replacement charger, but will pay for itself quickly.  Now I’m going to unplug my cellphone charger.

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