The Pendleton Panther

Tiger Sighting?

Posted on: March 16, 2010

Still The Champ

There are many conflicting reports about when Tiger Woods will return to the playing field, and in my opinion, his dominating self. Woods was sighted this past week practicing at his home in Orlando Florida, with his six-year swing coach. Many wonder when he will in fact be back on the course as many expected he would remain away from the game for the rest of the year. Woods has not played an official round of golf since November 15, when he won the Australian Masters. Regardless, as we move into the spring, tournaments such as the Arnold Palmer Invitation and the Masters are in sight and many don’t think Woods could sit out such high-powered events. Many of which, he has won in previous years. Before all this came out about Woods, he appeared to be one ideal role model and athlete. No one knew anything about him and he preferred it that way. Woods is still a role model to many and no one questions his athletic ability, however, there will forever be a dark cloud held over his head and an imagine partially tarnished. It’s going to take a lot more than the critics and media to bring down the worlds number one golfer. Expect to see Woods return to a course soon enough.


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