The Pendleton Panther

Suicide Bombing in Pakistan

Posted on: March 16, 2010


Nearly 13 people were killed and a dozen injured in the northwest part of Pakistan this past Saturday. The attack occurred right at a security checkpoint in Mingora, one of the largest cities in Pakistan. The Taliban are said to be responsible for the attack as they continue to bring misery to those around them. The Taliban as we know is one of the most dominant terrorist groups in the world, many of which believe is headed by Osama bin Laden. Reports read that a man approached the security checkpoint and security began to open fire when the man refused to stop moving. In a matter of an instance he “detonated” explosives and many innocent people were blown to pieces. To make matters worse for the Pakistan civilians, a day before the blast occurred, there was another suicide bombing in Lahore that killed nearly 44 people and injured 100. Even after all the bombings and killings, threats continue to be pouring into Pakistan and it seems as though peace will never be an answer.


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