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Tiger Woods to be on South Park

Posted on: March 15, 2010

Tiger Woods and Cartman

Although Tiger Woods’ scandals have cost him several sponsorship deals with giant companies including Gatorade, AT&T, Tag Heuer; he gained himself a place in the new series of South Park. Since the first episode in 1997, the producers of South Park have surrounded their storyline on real life topics and important issues and for as long as South Park has existed; mocking famous and powerful people through the cartoon was a common theme. After the infamous sex scandals that transformed the golf superhero’s life upside down, it is to nobody’s surprise that Parker and Stone, the producers of South Park, would pick Tiger as their next victim. Never once afraid of using the right of freedom of speech and expression, the co-creator of South Park said, “…there’s a delicacy in talking about Tiger Woods that we don’t have to worry about.” In the episode of All The Temptations, Woods will be seen asserting that with his privileged status, it is his rightful entitlement to enjoy temptations around him.


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