The Pendleton Panther

Captain Myer

Posted on: March 15, 2010

A U.S. Army Officer was both honored and reprimanded as a result of an attack on the combat outpost he was third in command of.  U.S. Army Captain Matthew Myer received both a Silver Star and a typically career-ending Letter of Reprimand for the same attack. He was honored for his part in calling in air support to assist in fighting back the some 200 Taliban fighters in this July

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2008 attack.    With nine U.S. soldiers killed and twelve wounded and more than 100 Taliban killed, this is still the deadliest ground combat of the war involving U.S. troops.  Four-star General Charles Campbell was tasked with investigating the attack.  His findings showed that Captain Myer and his two senior commanders, who were not even on base at the time of the attack, were neglect in their duty to properly secure the base so that it could be defended against enemy attack.  The three officers are expected to appeal the punishment awarded and findings from General Campbell.


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