The Pendleton Panther

Two Deadly Blasts In Pakistan

Posted on: March 12, 2010

Victim of the suicide attacks

Two blasts which targeted military vehicles went off today and killed at least 43 people.  The two suicide bomb blasts were only 15 seconds apart and it happened near a crowded market known as the RA bazaar.  Lahore police official Chaudrhy Shafiq said that the two suicide bombers detonated vests full of explosives as they walked up on the two military vehicles.  More than 95 people were injured from the two explosions.  Just four days earlier in Lahore, Pakistan a suicide car bomb went off that killed 13 people and injured over 80.  This recent attack happened amongst several waves of violence that were against military offensives carried out by Islamic extremists.  The recent violence has killed over 600 people total.  “The nation and its security forces need to keep morale high,” said Rana Sanaullah, law minister for Punjab province, where Lahore is located. “We can only win this fight with unity.”  People that witnessed the recent suicide bombing were frightened.  Shopkeeper Muhammad Hafeez heard the blasts from inside his shop about 200 yards from the site. “Both blasts were huge,” he said. “I also heard gunshots. We stayed inside our shops out of fear, then later shut everything down.”


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