The Pendleton Panther

New President for Chile

Posted on: March 11, 2010

President Pinera

During the aftermath of the destruction made by the earthquake in Chile, there has been some positive news for the country.  Literally minutes after the 7.2 aftershock, Sebastian Pinera was sworn in as the new President of Chile.  The inauguration ceremony took place just 90 miles away from the center of the aftershock.  At first, many of the costal regions around Chile were told to evacuate to higher ground as they were warned of tsunamis.  President Pinera has taken over from the countries first ever woman president.  She had a 84% popularity rating which is considerably high.  President Pinera is taking over at a very difficult time for Chile and its people.  Over half a million homes were destroyed leaving hundreds of thousands of people homeless.  Out of respect for the people affected by the earthquake, the grand dinner and celebrations were canceled and made a lot smaller.  I hope the President can handle the tough challenges he faces as he has been inaugurated at a very difficult time.


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