The Pendleton Panther

Violence Against Activists in India

Posted on: March 10, 2010

Indian Police Emblem

Indian freedom of information activists have recently found themselves hospitalized after demanding answers from politicians.  Mr. Kumar, for example, was denied an explanation for the private building on public land when he was stonewalled by the police.  Later, after taking up the matter with the company that was building on this land, Mr. Kumar was asked to meet at the site of interest for further discussion.  When he arrived, he was accosted by a small mob that favored the politician that initially ignored him.  Passersby and police offered him no help as he was severely beaten, even to the point of unconsciousness, by an iron rod.  Mr. Kumar is pursuing the matter in court as his questions are defended by the Right to Information Act, passed in India in 2005.  Mr. Kumar is optimistic, and believes that justice will eventually be dealt, but skeptics fear that these violent incidents are growing.


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