The Pendleton Panther

Having your head in the clouds doesn’t allow to see what is in front of you.

Posted on: March 10, 2010

As being athletes and having mental once a week, dreams and goals are huge part of our lives. This a skill you will always use, to make a goals and accomplish them. To dream gives you passion. For me, I have always viewed dreaming as a positive thing. But someone has recently showed me that too much dreaming actually is harmful to you. For example you are so stuck on reaching a goal or a dream you will do anything. It might lead you to make bad decisions that actually hurt you more then help you. Can be anything from cheating on a test to taking a medicine that you shouldn’t. I watched a similar situation recently. It has made me  realize that no matter how much you want something and how close you are, you still have to make the same choices  that you did in the beginning. Dreams can sometimes clouded what is truly real in front you.


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