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Halderman Pleads Guilty in Letterman Blackmail Case

Posted on: March 10, 2010

David Letterman

In the famous David Letterman blackmail case that started back in October 2009, Robert “Joe” Halderman pleaded guilty to attempted 2nd-degree grand larceny. He is to serve six months in prison, be on probation for five years, and also has to serve more than one thousand hours of community service. After the sentence was given, one could see the sighs of relief and graciousness from Letterman. According to CNN, Letterman spoke briefly about this matter. “Now, I’d never been involved in anything like this in my life, and I was concerned and full of anxiety and nervous and worried,” he said. “And the people in the district attorney’s office said, ‘This will be handled professionally, this will be handled skillfully, and appropriately.’ Well, the matter was resolved today, and they were exactly right — it was handled professionally, skillfully and appropriately.” The attempted plot by Halderman was to blackmail Letterman and extort two million dollars from him. He had evidence of Letterman’s sexual affairs within his female staff. On the morning of Sep. 9, 2009, Halderman had handed a sealed envelope marked “Privileged and Confidential” with the threat to Letterman’s driver while he was waiting outside Letterman’s home. Later on, Halderman met three times with Letterman’s lawyers to work out a deal. He was given a check in October and was arrested the day after he deposited it. Halderman obviously did not think things through as he went through this entire ordeal. He was just causing stress to Letterman and setting himself up for trouble.


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