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Forbes New List Indicates World Has a New Richest Man

Posted on: March 10, 2010

Carlos Helu, Newest Title Holder of World's Richest Man

Forbes released its annual list today on the wealthiest people in the world and the new number one wasn’t the usual face of Bill Gates that we are used to. Carlos Slim Helu, the telecom giant of Mexico has overtaken the title of World’s Richest Man. This is only the second time in the last fifteen years that Bill Gates hasn’t been first on the list. Helu has a current net worth of 53.5 Billion dollars and just slightly edged out Gates’ $53 Billion. Most of Helu’s assets are held in his company, America Movil, which is the largest South American Telecom network. On a side note, officials at Forbes noted that if Microsoft shares rose even $1, Gates would soar past Helu in net worth. The list has been very volatile in the last few years ever since the economic meltdown in September 2008. The number of billionaires in 2008 was a record 1,125. 2009 had only 793 and with the steady recovery of the economy, 2010 has risen back to 1,011 billionaires. The United States has the most billionaires at 403 which represents 40% of all the billionaires. However, many foreign countries are quickly catching up. Asian countries have seen a particular rise in the wealth of their billionaires. China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, and South Korea all made significant gains in its number of billionaires. China is now second in number behind only the United States. There is an immense market for investors in Mainland China, and many have cast their lines and hauled in big catches.


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