The Pendleton Panther

Facebook and Skype might be bad?

Posted on: March 10, 2010

As teenagers we hate to be bored, hitting up the T.V. and not the book. With that has come the addiction to Skype and Facebook. But come on they are amazing right? They you allow you to get in touch with people easy, find people easy, and who doesn’t like to stalk secretly? This is all well known in our generation but not known at all with our parent’s generation. We all know that our parents couldn’t work a facebook like we could. But image without these distractions! We all turn to facebook instead of homework or the lecture in class. Image what all we could accomplish instead of stalking people and creating more of the S word, Stupid Drama. If we are taught to always turn to skype or facebook instead of doing homework. What will happen when you are out in the real world? Your boss is talking about the next project and you are looking at your facebook. Right now we are training ourselves to relay on a social aspect instead of whats important. I think facebook and skype are amazing tools to get in touch with people and allowing people across the world to talk for no money. But there is a time and place for it. Our generation doesn’t know the true meaning of staying focused on something that might be dreadful. I think it is going to cause major problems in the future.


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