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Man in New Mexico Charged with Murder

Posted on: March 9, 2010

Two days ago a man named Ralph Montoya confessed two a double murder last Sunday.  According to the police report he walked into a home in Southeast Albuquerque and shot two people in the head.  Police immediately arrived at the crime scene and broke down the door and saw a pool of blood on the ground.  According to the report Montoya was in a relationship with both of the girls he killed.  The police think that there was a struggle between the two females and perhaps startled Montoya, in which case he pulled the trigger.  His court date has not been set, even though he killed two people, the court might not give him a life time sentence because he confessed before the police found him.   The main is being held in the state penitentiary in Belen New Mexico, he is under maximum security because of the death of the two innocent girls.


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