The Pendleton Panther

What deep conversation can do for you

Posted on: March 8, 2010

According to researchers at the University of Arizona and Washington University people who engage in meaningful conversations are happier then those you stick to small talk.  The researchers investigated the different types of conversation between people that are happy and compared to people who are not.  The people who took part in this experiment wore recording devices for four day’s, which recorded the conversations they had with other people during those days. When the four days were up, it was found that the type of conversation people took part in affected their level of happiness.  This research does not surprise me, considering I have noticed this as well. Many people who keep in their thoughts instead of venting them out, or having a discussion about their thoughts seem to be unhappier. A lot of times when you have a deep conversation with someone it brings satisfaction hat you’re not the only one who thinks about things beyond the obvious daily happenings.


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