The Pendleton Panther

An Iraq Election People Can’t Miss

Posted on: March 7, 2010


In the previous week, I wrote about the upcoming election in Iraq and the possible violence that could impact it. Sure enough, as the election went on this past week there were many risks and caution for any people who came out to vote. Bombings could be heard from short distances away from Baghdad, but the violent attacks did not stop the Iraqis from casting their votes on March 7, 2010. Many of the voters described the day as, “an opportunity we couldn’t miss.” The adult voters want to ensure that their kids have the best leader available to them. This is about the impact of the vote on their children’s lives, not necessary their life. After the day ended it had been reported that nearly 38 people had been killed from the attack. On a positive note, the election got nearly 55% voter turnout, which is a much larger number than anyone expected. The people here have been miserable for many years, and this election gave them a way to express their feelings and looking for a change in a government in order to provide them with services such as water, jobs and security. Obama was said to congratulate the Iraqis on their election and the courage each and every one of them demonstrated by coming out to vote.


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