The Pendleton Panther

The Stash Keeps Growing

Posted on: March 4, 2010

Coach Elias and "The Stash"

Pendleton Baseball has another win under their belt.  Coach Elias also has a couple more inches added to his mustache.  A previous deal made before the season started stated that if the team goes five and zero, for the first five games, then Coach Elias must grow out his mustache until they lose.  Being six and zero just means that Elias will have to wait another day to shave.  But it is a win and lose situation for him.  As long as they keep winning, he will be happy for the team.  But also as they keep winning, the longer, and more unattractive his facial hair gets (sorry E).  Pendleton has another game on Friday, which hopefully means that there will be another weekend for Coach to save money by not buying shaving goods.  In the week to come, there will be eight games played in just over ten days.  If Pendleton keeps winning, they will be able to use Coach Elias’s facial hair for a donation to locks of love.

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