The Pendleton Panther

Struggling From the Windup

Posted on: March 4, 2010

Tim Lincecum

Tim Lincecum decided to stop throwing from the windup and switch the stretch position hoping that it would improve his control. Sadly enough, it didn’t work.  Lincecum, a stellar and young pitcher, who is also a two-time Cy-Young winner, lasted only one inning in his spring training debut.  ‘I had been struggling out of the windup,” he said.  He told his pitching coach that he was going to throw from the stretch so that he could have a little more control, and throw more strikes than he was.  Lincecum was supposed to throw two innings in the game vs. the Mariners.  Instead, he gave up three runs on two hits while throwing twenty-nine pitches.  Lincecum said he was a little more ”amped up” than usual.  The San Francisco Giants still went on the beat the Seattle Mariners eight to seven on Wednesday even though Lincecum did not have his best stuff.

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