The Pendleton Panther

Gunshots Near the Pentagon

Posted on: March 4, 2010

The Pentagon

Two Arlington County Police Officers were wounded by gunshots late Thursday afternoon.  An unidentified man open fired on the officers near the Pentagon’s metro station.  The shooting took place at about 6:40 PM at the Metro entrance across the street from the Pentagon.  The huge Arlington office complex and Department of Defense headquarters were placed on lockdown for a short period of time.  Witnesses told local news stations that they heard gunshots and saw people screaming and scrambling out of the station.  The shooter approached the two officers on the street and began shooting at them.  The officers naturally reacted and started to shoot back.  The suspect was hit, injured, and taken to the nearest hospital along with the injured officers.  The shooters condition is not clear the two officers are suffering from non-life threatening injuries.  “All Pentagon entrances were secured for a brief time but have since been reopened with the exception of the Pentagon Metro entrance,” said a Pentagon spokesmen.


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